The Right Protection when You Need It

Cargo Insurance, otherwise known as Marine Insurance, is the security plan cargo owners cannot go without when their goods are being transported. Extensive care is taken during cargo shipments; actions which regrettably are all counterproductive when containers are exposed to dangers, such as:

Container Loss At Sea

Cargo insurance provides coverage against any risks which freight can encounter during its transit, whether from accidental physical loss or damages suffered from temperature fluctuations in reefer containers.

In situations were General Average applies, insurance is what saves cargo owners from extensive financial burdens. The law of General Average states that shippers can sacrifice part of the cargo in emergency situations, to protect the overall good or to save the journey. The crew is allowed to dispose of cargo as they deem fit, without considering its monetary value. Following such events, freight owners are required to make a contribution to cover the loss, irrespective of whose cargo was disposed of.  

Suffering from alarming losses should not be a worrying factor. Goods covered by cargo insurance are protected against accidental damages suffered during the transit. Speak to our representatives to find out how you can benefit.