Project Cargo (also known as Heavy Lift) is a niche closely tied to logistics. From an international perspective the transportation of large, heavy, high value or a critical piece of equipment can seem like a challenging and complicated business. To us, it’s like second nature.

Using our analytical skills and meticulous individual transport planning we can cater for smooth movement of all items such as generators, turbines, reactors, boilers, towers, casting, locomotives, boats and equipment. We can also cater specifically for the offshore industry providing movement of oil rigs parts and equipment and so on. We’ve built strong and long term relationships with various facilities, authorities and suppliers, including heavy lift carriers so that getting you the information or service you need happens without a hitch.

From chartering the right tonnage/aircraft, to arranging special lifting equipment, briefing surveyors, loading/discharging coordination, customs clearance and fast documentation we’re the team member you’ll appreciate to have on board. In order to cater for industries that never sleep, we’ve tailored our service so we’re always available 24×7 and guarantee we’ll be there when you need us.

Here are a few examples of recent Project Cargo assignments to give you an idea of the scope of services we provide.

Various Antonov air charters for oil equipment

  • Singapore to Malta 2 heavy lift wire reels
  • UK to Malta BOP plus other equipment

We offered meticulous project management including arrangement of the charter with Antonov operators. Once the aircraft landed in Malta, we organised and oversaw all necessary ground handling arrangements at the airport, as well as arranging suitable cranage and transport to the awaiting rigs in port or at the shipyard.

Shipments in Breakbulk of Oil Equipment

  • 1000 Tons Equatorial Guinea to Malta and return journey after project completion
  • 1000 Tons Equatorial Guinea to Nigeria
  • 500 Tons Malta to Singapore

For these projects we organised vessel charters to & from Malta. We also held the role of agent of the vessel once in port, including management of all discharging or loading in Malta.

Shipment of 60 Ton Gas Turbine

  • Libya to Malta – Malta to India

This 60 ton turbine was loaded by our clients out of Tripoli and was sent to Malta for transhipping from the first vessel to the second carrier taking it to India. We acted as the client’s agent for both vessels and successfully arranged the handling, craneage and lashing required.

Loading of Jack-up Rig ‘Delta Queen’ onto H/Lift vessel ‘Target’

The jack-up rig ‘Delta Queen’ was in Malta for upgrading works as organised by our agency. On completion of the upgrade the rig was loaded on the h/lift ‘Target’ for transportation to its next destination. We organised and implemented all the arrangements with the port, pilots, tugs and special mooring party for the ‘loading’ of the rig onto the h/lift vessel.

Conversion of Oil Tanker into an Offshore Floating, Production & Storage ‘FPSO’ unit

  • Conversion lasted 10 months

We were nominated as agents for this conversion project at the Malta Shipyards. In addition to supplying the husbandry services to the vessel & the project team, we also organised regular freight movements to and from the vessel.

Shipment of 4 bulky and heavy Coolers and Compressors Malta to Houston

  • Additional upgrade to same FPSO unit
  • Second part conversion project lasted 9 months

The FPSO Ikdam back in Malta for further upgrades and we were again nominated as agents for the project following the successful outcome of the first set of upgrades. The main feature of this project was the shipping of the 4 coolers and compressors from Malta to Houston. For this we chartered space on a h/lift vessel which came alongside the FPSO Ikdam inside the yard where the coolers and compressors were loaded.

Shipment of 1500 Tons of Steel Plates – Kashagan Project

These steel plates were used in the construction of the AGIP power generation barge for the Kashagan project. Commissioned and acting on behalf of Agip KCO, we successfully made all the stevedoring arrangements for the discharge of this shipment from the vessel’s hold, to the storage area at Malta Shipbuilding, where the construction of power generation barge was to take place.

Creation of an ‘on quay depot’ to store Submarine Communication Cable.

This was a 4 year storage operation involving multiple discharging & loading operations from cable laying vessels. Alcatel Lucent, manufacturers of submarine communication cables, needed a central Mediterranean storage depot for cable produced at their factory in Calais that was awaiting delivery to the final buyers via their cable laying vessels. We were instrumental in finding an on-quay location and together with Alcatel personnel managed the discharging from ships, handling of the cable into the specially built ‘tanks’ and eventual back loading on the cable laying ships for their final delivery and laying on location.

We Bring It All Together For You


If you need a more hands-on approach, we’re there to help. Available 24/7, our professional packers can work according to product and mode of transport including handling of outsized cargo, preparing it for international transport and shrink wrapping. We’re here to make the process simpler.