Malta – ideal destination,
ideal conditions,
perfect infrastructure

  • Superb strategic positioning right in the heart of the Mediterranean with short distances from all major Mediterranean ports and directly on one of the main shipping routes
  • Deep natural harbours and well equipped ports & terminals, ideal for safe anchorage and quick crew changes
  • Malta International Airport offers direct routes and connections to more than 85 airports world wide
  • Warm sunny climate year round offering minimal down time for outdoor operations
  • Stable economy, with direct access to authorities and quick response times, along with a strong legal and financial network
  • Efficient fast track arrival clearance, straight forward immigration and customs formalities for crew and transhipment cargo that needs to move onwards
  • Fuel storage facilities as well as quayside storage facilities for the Oil & Gas industry
  • Advantageous vessel registration under the Maltese flag
  • Skilled, English speaking work force
  • Full range of medical and hospital facilities
  • EU port advantages such as automatic ‘free pratique’ if the vessel arrives from an EU port
  • Whole range of maritime services available on the Island including diving services and hull cleaning, competitive bunker fuel prices and availability, heavy lift mobile cranes up to 600 tons and low loaders up to 110 tons and tank cleaning and deslopping facilities to name a few.