Your Logistics Processes Managed By The Professionals

What Is 3PL Logistics?

Well-organised logistics enhances your supply chain and improves resource efficiencies. Whilst you take care of the core elements of your business, Thomas Smith can transform your logistical processes to stand out from the rest.

Our third-party logistics service, known in the industry as 3PL, involves establishing a tailored service whereby your logistical work is handled by our team of logistics experts. This service sector was created following our positive involvement and administration in project work within the Oil & Gas sector and Film ventures.

With a customer-driven team that prizes their years of experience at Thomas Smith and integrity above all else, our management and dedicated account managers will assist you in generating exponential growth whilst fulfilling their role as a third-party logistics company.

What Does The 3PL Service Include?

A full range of logistical services are accessible following the use of qualified shipment solutions utilised to reduce transit times and costs.

documentation handling
Customs Clearance
Inventory Fulfilment
Freight forwarding
(Inbound & outbound)

How Can Your Business Benefit?

Thomas Smith as your 3PL logistics provider allows you to benefit from instant logistical expertise for both the local and international market, without yielding company governance. Our company culture is based on the pillars of confidentiality, flexibility, reliability, quality, agility and accuracy that allow us to build lasting relationships with our clients.

Through our services, you will benefit from full integration with the latest state-of-the-art logistics technology utilised by our agencies and network of professionals. Through the provision of continuous expert advice and proactively sharing information on the status of your shipments, your supply chain will be enhanced and your bottom line will improve.

Your business will be supported on a 24/7 basis via a dedicated account manager that ensures objectives are understood and met, and any issues are reported and resolved promptly. Lowering costs is on top of our agenda, allowing you to implement cost-saving measures on warehousing space and preserve resources.

A personalised and flexible 3PL service will offer transparent shipment information and enable effective communication via a point of contact. 

Choose the right 3PL provider for you. Find out more about Thomas Smith’s shipping expertise that spans over 170 years and get in touch with our Logistics Manager to benefit from having a top logistics provider.