With over 165 years of experience under our decking, we’ve successfully provided the best options for freight forwarding routes to a multitude of clients across a wide range of industries. Looking into optimal transit times, direct routes or transhipments as required, our drive is to ensure that all projects are managed efficiently, according to your schedule and at the same time meeting your budgets. In order to do this, we pay special attention to understanding the nature of your business and your objectives.


As an independent freight forwarder, we can identify the best route for your full load containers, through our detailed knowledge of worldwide services to and from Malta. We will look into every detail on your behalf from the most logical route to the best freight rates, to convenient transit times as well as departure and arrival schedules, ensuring that you get access to the best options available to you.

However specific your requirements are, we will provide you with a detailed and comprehensive approach; with recommendations on the right container type, provision of packing and stuffing as required, delivery to and from your door, insurance policies, careful documentation, special permits as well as any specific handling requirements. We will also efficiently manage proper timing of delivery of your containers from/to port, to avoid any additional demurrage and detention costs.

With our solid international framework, via our network of tried and trusted agents, we can provide the right freight forwarding service, the right route, with the right advice and help to ensure your project gets where it needs to be on schedule.