animal transportation done WITH LOVE

Very few things are dearer to you than your pet. Thomas Smith’s Pet Transport services incorporate attention to the smallest details; to ensure your pet’s plane journey is a safe and comfortable one. Pet owners are reassured that their beloved companions are being taken care of by accredited pet transportation professionals with years of experience.

Our IATA (International Air Transport Association) and ATA (Animal Transportation Association) certification represent our commitment to the safe shipping of live animals. Thomas Smith’s pet shipping can assist you with pet relocation to Malta or overseas, catering the air freight service specifically for any large or small animals. 

With hundreds of pet transport service trips under our belt, Thomas Smith is the best animal transportation company to handle the logistics necessary for your pet’s move.

Export/Import Certificates
Between airports
Kennel Purchase, Alterations & Assembly
Vaccine & Treatment compliance
Door-to-door transport through a pet taxi
Import Permits through an approved animal transport association (ATA)

Our fully-trained team, with broad knowledge of regulations and airfreight requirements, is dedicated to helping you and your beloved companion in every step of the way. Contact us on +356 2205 8146 or email our Pet Freight team within the Air freight division on [email protected].

The Feelings Are Mutual

Numerous pet owners have trusted our expertise in the past – here’s what some had to say.

Your knowledge, professionalism and persistence to communicate repeatedly with the airline’s cargo staff [….] are the sole reason our beloved dogs made it to [their destination]. I cannot thank you enough.
Tracy Havlin
Pet Owner
Your air freight team has gone above and beyond what was expected of them! Thanks for all the professional support and service!
Jacquex Le Roux
Pet Owner
The air freight team helped with the relocation of 13 cats, which could have been stressful, but they managed to sort everything in an efficient and stress-free manner.”
Carol Whittle
Pet Owner