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Shipping and Logistics Support During COVID-19

Creating logistical solutions to address your current supply chain concerns.

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Spearheading Maritime Partnership Excellence in the Mediterranean.

Port Agency | Breakbulk | Freight Forwarding | Cargo Logistics

Services designed for vessels transiting the Mediterranean.

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Thomas Smith Express

Express delivery services assist businesses with all their local and international urgent consignments. Together with a network of reliable and trusted partners, our international courier service reaches over 240 countries.
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With an exceptional international network to support our projects, our logistics service makes us the leading local provider. Certified as a professional projects company, with specialisation in international projects by air, sea and land.
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Pet Transport

Our IATA and ATA certification guarantees a high level of care we dedicate to your beloved companions during their international relocation. Airfreight services are designed to ensure safe shipping of live animals.
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Our cargo division offers a comprehensive and award-winning approach to worldwide freight logistics and transportation. We have incorporated the latest technology to assist in the management of cargo movements and to help keep you fully informed.
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As local representatives for the world’s Largest Shipping Line, we know what it takes to be the best.


World class service to worldwide destinations. Discover why the sky’s no longer the limit.


We supply charts for the Mediterranean Sea, Suez Canal, Black Sea and Red Sea as well as other useful navigational publications including up-to-date notices to mariners.


To keep on meeting the challenges of the industry we’re constantly monitoring and finding ways to improve our service.


Require a quote for shipping personal or commercial items? Need a quote for custom clearence? We can help. Send us a request and we’ll get in touch.


Stuck on a technical word? Check out our jargon buster for the explanation. Still have a question? Get in touch with us, we’re always happy clarify things.


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