critical supplies

The end of the COVID-19 disruptions is still far from plain sight. Whilst some countries are on recovery, others are emerging with increasing statistics of the spread.

During all this chaos, the freight industry is putting all hands on deck to support our healthcare staff and keep citizens supplied with their basic needs. Emergency logistical solutions have been devised to keep supply divisions full.

Whilst the list seems never-ending, all freight suppliers are giving their maximum priority to products which will keep the world afloat.


Soldiers do not go to war empty-handed; our healthcare workers deserve the same. Minimising the spread is possible if such professionals have all the equipment they need to truly make it possible for COVID-infected patients to get better.

Preserving these medics from possibly getting infected themselves is the key to a solid healthcare system. Items such as defibrillators, surgical masks, protective gowns and gloves are the number one critical supplies at the moment.


Away from all the extra luxuries we find ourselves wanting during this time, basic food and household products are keeping families sustained.

When this pandemic hit the world with a force, many shoppers hurried to the nearest supermarkets and grocers to bulk buy, which resulted in a decrease in stocks. Food supplies are getting on emergency freight routes to get to their destinations and minimise consumer difficulties.

food supplies


Shortages generated from such a pandemic pushes many companies to innovation. Industrial firms revolutionised their processes by taking the lead in manufacturing equipment to save their people in this zero hour.

This was only made possible by overcoming transportation constraints and getting all necessary materials ready in-hand for further production.


Those little (or not so little) companions we hold very close to our hearts deserve to be supplied with all their basic necessities too. Many countries experienced low stock levels in pet food and care products, which made many pet owners uneasy about their pet’s health in the short-run.

Luckily, logistical methods were boosting the movement of such pet supplies to ensure all pets, big or small, get the care they deserve.


Incorporating social distancing procedures at work increased demand for some much-needed supplies to make it possible.

Office staff are dispersed to their homes, which had many companies ordering hardware and technological apparel to facilitate their employees’ work from home operations. Orders for laptops, printers, chairs and desks are increasingly on demand.


As more people choose to reside indoors, many are discovering new talents and reverting to engaging activities to pass the time.

Freight services have noted a surge in board games orders, arts and crafts supplies, as well as materials for sewing, knitting and tapestry making.

Musical instruments and paraphernalia are highly on the rise as people want to enjoy their leisure time engaged in music; with guitars and violins dominating the list.