local courier

It’s 2021 and the world has never seen more demand for remote ordering and home deliveries. The manifestation of COVID-19 was a definite factor in spiralling the need for quick and easy supplies, delivered directly to the comfort of customers’ homes.

Small local businesses have benefitted from the ease of setting up shop without incurring extra expenses from renting a brick-and-mortar store; choosing to showcase their merchandise through e-commerce sites and social platforms.

Following such changes to the classic way of doing business, enterprises – both big and small – are on the lookout on how to seamlessly facilitate their trade without incurring sky-high expenditure within time-constraint deadlines.

That’s were a partnership with a local courier provider comes in. A courier is a company that works in tandem with your business to ensure your products are delivered on time and safeguard their optimal care. Furthermore, recruiting a third-party company will save business owners from time-consuming exercises such as handling employment operations. Seems enticing? We promise it’s a definite win-win situation. Here are more reasons why a local courier partnership would be ideal.


The problem with trusting postal services is that they cannot provide an assurance that products will arrive within a specific date. Should your customers request express delivery because of their urgent needs, a local courier partner will ensure your customers’ preference date is respected and met.


Irrespective of the product’s delicacy, a reliable courier partner will ensure the item is meticulously protected from unforeseen accidents; such as breakages, getting delivered to wrong addresses, suffer water damage, theft and more. Products are treated with personalised care from the moment of collection up until they are within the customer’s hands.


In a time when local businesses are struggling, a local courier partner will show the same support to you by extending care for your business and its operations. Respect comes in the form of understanding deadlines, meeting them, extending a professional service hand and working in tandem with your business. 


Benefiting from 5-star service without paying exorbitant fees is possible. Options at Thomas Smith Courier vary from Express Economy to Express Priority, with different levels of commissions to suit your businesses’ need. When compared to setting up a fleet of delivery cars for large enterprises or even to engage in personal delivery for SMEs, the cost and time effect will be tremendous. Courier rates on the market have become quite competitive so you’ll easily find an option that offers you peace of mind without raking your expense account.


Businesses require extensive time to tend to, with several items on the agenda that need to be fulfilled on a daily basis. One definite pro of a local courier service is that delivery arrangements are done seamlessly without consuming much-needed time. Online booking tools allow businesses to organise deliveries at any time without the need to get lost on the phone or visit physical premises.

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