economy express shipping

Amongst the commitments of running a small or medium operation, owners are faced with choices on the best way to acquire supplies procurement or ensure exceptional customer product deliveries. In an era when ensuring timely deliveries and sustainable profits is fundamental, deciding which jobs can be designated to other parties is significant.  

Small or medium companies might believe that handling everything in-house is the way to go; however, experience shows that jobs should be allocated to whoever holds the most experience in the field. With this in mind, we’ve highlighted how shipping companies can provide SMEs with high-level assistance at a fraction of the time and price through economy or express operations.


As customers are getting more and more accustomed to quick deliveries, small businesses need not worry about forking out massive expenses to invest their own fleet or else worry how products will make their way to their new owners in time. Through economy or express offerings, a courier can easily manage your deliveries without halting any of your employees’ necessary assignments or eating away your profits. Choosing a local transporter will ensure they have good knowledge of your area to assist your line of business.


Shipping companies aren’t just in charge of getting supplies to you or delivering products to customers. They treat whatever they are transporting as precious cargo to ensure that the final product gets to you or your customers at its original condition. Furthermore, courier services have in-house tracking software which will also allow you to know where the item is at any point in time; something which your own logistics arm might not have the funds to invest in.


As more SMEs are relying on freight providers, courier companies are enriching their services to accommodate their client requests. Forget all about taking time off to visit the shipping company’s office – delivery arrangements are all done online. This will save you precious time, ensure you have a copy of all arrangements and a full-time direct contact for any queries which you might have. A freight service provider becomes part of your own company operations.


Certain cargo requires further protection, in case something accidental occurs on its way. Several freight companies offer in-house insurance services that will protect the value of your cargo; whether it’s making its way to you from overseas, getting delivered to your customers locally or internationally. Peace of mind is not something SMEs should take for granted and a dedicated shipper will do whatever it takes to ensure your items remain safe at all times.


Running an SME comes with its own fair share of unpredictability. In some periods, you’ll experience a slight decline in sales, whereas orders can go up substantially within a small period of time. This is normal for many small to medium businesses. Your transport provider needs to understand this dynamic and be able to accommodate depending on the demand. Having such a courier service provider at your disposal will ensure you need not employ temporary staff to be able to manage deliveries or terminate employment when sales are low.


Ensuring a positive customer experience will guarantee repeated sales – a factor which not only enhances your bottom line but increases the chances of positive word-of-mouth. Remember that your customers develop a positive feeling towards your brand not just through the provision of products they bought, but generate a feeling through the whole shopping experience. That includes delivery too. As your transport operations are improved through the use of a courier, your customers’ happiness will increase too. Exceptional collection and delivery service provides more value to your customers.

These pointers just skim the top of what a transport partner can offer SMEs; as more benefits are unearthed when a tailor-made transport operation is created for you. Find out how Thomas Smith Shipping can improve your SME’s business performance.