freight forwarding

Engaging the right freight forwarder can impact the future of your business, particularly in the transportation of specialised freight.

The transport of goods from one destination to another is a complex and intricate process, and every industry has different expectations from the freight company they choose to entrust their cargo with. For some, it might simply mean transporting cargo from one point to another at a competitive rate but for others, it might be more than just a forwarding operation, and choosing the best company to get that job done might be a game-changer for the success and future of that company. Thomas Smith Group Managing Director, an industry leader within Malta’s thriving logistics sector, discussed how choosing the right partner for the job could make or break a business.


Joe Gerada – Managing Director

What kind of value does a reliable freight and logistics provider add to the client’s business?

“A freight forwarder is a middleman ‘plus’. Like many middlemen in other disciplines, a good freight forwarder needs to know his client, and what the client is most sensitive to. He needs to have enough market knowledge to be able to bring forward the best solution, or a number of options for a solution, to the customer. Once that is done, then the ‘plus’ is that the freight forwarder also has to execute the plan and deal with any physical challenges involved.


A good freight forwarder should be seen as an integrated player within the customers’ strategy, providing cost-effective solutions and constantly exploring opportunities for better fine-tuning. The relationship between a freight forwarder and the client will be a long-term one when the proper service and value is provided to the customer.”


Further info may be found in Issue 78 of The Business Observer, pages 15-16, circulated with the Times of Malta on September 28, 2017.