thomas smith shipping team

As social distancing measures are still being recommended to avoid the spread of COVID-19, our shipping team is doing their utmost to keep services running successfully and ensuring that essential supplies make their way to their destination. Quicker than ever before.

We sat down for a virtual chat with our shipping members, to discover what enhances their survival skills and to learn more about what makes them strive when faced with unusual circumstances.

How do you feel the team is making its mark in the company?

Shipping is rarely ever straightforward. We are accustomed to pushing the boundaries and making the impossible possible. Our fundamental mission is to approach each job with a can-do attitude. It is our strength – this self-discipline has made us an influential unit; coming together as one to reach whatever request comes our way.

What gives your team satisfaction?

The positive feedback we repeatedly receive from our clients gives us a push to always go the extra mile. For us, clients’ requests are paramount. Securing new routes and regular cargo traffic is fulfilling. Conducting the work in a streamlined manner to ensure their full satisfaction is the main priority. When it all comes to fruition, our tasks have meaning – they are more than just getting the job done.

How do you build good rapport with each other?

Every member in the team is important, and we make sure to personally check on each other individually.  This approach enhances our relationship with each other. Empathy, trust and support are always our top priority. Irrespective of the size of a specific job, we virtually meet for a discussion. This allows every individual to share their input and every idea is heartily welcomed. Having a bit of fun is always on the agenda, too!

zoom team meeting

Do you have a special tradition between the team?

The annual Secret Santa is something everyone looks forward to. It is not just the gift-giving that creates high enthusiasm – but the coming together in a carefree environment, and seeing the assessment one goes through to select the perfect gift for the receiver. An event which has become well-anticipated is Team Lunches; where all of us have lunch together (virtually), whilst discussion breaks free from the professional atmosphere and transforms into something more casual.

Has working remotely changed your work or relationship with each other?

Our team is accustomed to change. Usually, we used to ponder the best solutions for a specific project. This same approach is now considered for our work processes. Rather than pushing us down, this new remote system has helped us become more flexible and resourceful. Reports are shared between us on a daily basis; helping every team member keep abreast with updates and understand what is happening. Every one of us goes the extra mile to make daily meetings as interesting as possible. In fact, different teams have come up with different initiatives to give the virtual meeting a boost. For instance, one team have secured a new tradition; where in every meeting, someone has to come up with a silly joke. It’s a really cool method to break the ice!

zoom meeting team

Which techniques help you devise the best solutions for customers?

Listening is imperative. First, we hear what the client’s problem is, their concerns and preferences. We then proceed with outlining the best solution to iron out all problems and get the job done in the quickest and the most efficient manner possible. Our expertise in the industry give us the upper hand. Solutions are discussed between team leaders – from the highest to the lowest ranks; as we believe that every individual has a contribution to make.