covid19 pet transport restrictions

The repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic do not seem to be abating, and neither are the continuous precautions being undertaken by many countries and ports. This directly effects the transport of live animals, such as pet import and export.

Although it is being advised that only essential travel is undertaken, pet owners might need to ship their furry friends to new owners abroad, dispatch pets to foreign countries following a change in the country of residence or even following foreign pet adoption processes.

Throughout this article, we are going to highlight the current pet travel updates which pet owners have to watch out for. Benefit from suggestions provided by our professional pet transport team who have been offering guidance and hands-on assistance to both small and big furry friends and their owners for the past 30 years.

pet import export

Procedures vary according to whether pets travel as cargo or if they are accompanied by adults within the flight cabin. As with most pet import or export jobs, your little companion will go on their overseas adventure as cargo and follow measures as dictated by the departing/arrival country and airline.

Certain airlines have restricted their operations to reject live animals as cargo. The good news is that all airlines which carry cargo and which are operating to Malta or departing from the country are accepting pets, although certain countries have implemented temporary restrictions due to COVID-19. So, whether you want to ship your pet to another destination or get a furry friend over to you in Malta, we are the right logistics partner for you.

Pet owners who are shipping their cats to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), must hold possession of an annex bearing the signature of an accredited vet. This document would need to certify that the cat was not in close contact to a person or animal infected by COVID-19 prior to their travels.

Certain countries are placing mandatory 14-day quarantine requirements on pets prior to their travel. Some airports such as Manchester Airport & Zurich Airport are not accepting Live Animals until further notice whereas the Heathrow Animal Reception Center (HARC) are doing COVID tests on dogs and cats before exiting their premises in London Heathrow Airport. However, any pets travelling to and from Malta do not need to undertake this approach.

A number of airline carriers carrying pets as export cargo to the USA are not accepting live animals onboard. However, through Thomas Smith’s excellent airline connections, pets to the United States can still be transported safely and in agreement with all export procedures.

Necessary pet certification is mandatory for all pet import and exports. These documents showcase the animal’s health history and other necessary information.

Keeping up with the constant regulatory changes is a struggle, especially for pet owners who are either doing this for the first time or are unsure about the whole process.

Using Thomas Smith Shipping as your pet transport assistant will ensure you are advised and assisted by certified staff who are accredited members of the Animal Transport Association. Our team is in charge of carriage of live animals and work closely with a global network of specialised pet transporters.

Our advice is to ensure pet owners are aware of any pet restrictions, whether in Malta or countries one might come in contact with. Physical distancing techniques also apply with pets in trying to keep them away from other animals to prevent any unnecessary complications.

Some of the procedures highlighted in this article might change in due course to ensure all parties adhere with protection protocols.

Get expert advice from our pet transport team to establish the best course of action. Our aim is to ensure no pets remain stranded or facing travel uncertainties.