Munich Maersk, Malta Freeport Terminals, Thomas Smith Shipping Port Agency

One of the world’s largest container vessels has called at the Malta Freeport Terminals on its maiden voyage.

The Munich Maersk is one of the largest in the world, and the biggest ever to visit Malta. The boxship, which flies Denmark’s flag, features a length of 399 meters and a width of 58.5 meters, and can carry 20,568 TEU containers at full capacity. The mega-ship belongs to the second generation of Maersk Line’s Triple-E class and was only delivered last June 2017.

The ships of the second generation of the Triple-E class are setting new standards in container shipping and will replace smaller, less efficient ships.

One of the highlights of the Munich Maersk and its sister vessels is that among other things, the second generation Triple-E giants have similar dimensions to the previous ones, but can load an additional bulk of 2,000 TEU. Compared to the first generation vessels, Munich Maersk is 7% more efficient.

Another vessel, with similar length and width though having a different layout, therefore carrying less TEU containers, called Malta within the same week. The Danish flag Mayview Maersk, has been in service since June 2014.

Both vessel calls were out-of-schedule calls. Munich Maersk loaded approximately 950 empty 40ft containers, whereas the Mayview Maersk loaded 1000 empty 40ft units.

Thomas Smith Group was appointed as the local exclusive agent of Maersk Line in 2009. Thomas Smith’s Port Agency department assisted both ad-hoc calls to enter Malta, load the empty containers at the Malta Freeport Terminals, as well as depart Maltese shores.

Maersk Line, the world’s largest container shipping company, operates 630 container vessels. Maersk Line is¬†known for reliable, flexible and eco-efficient services.


Mayview Maersk, Malta Freeport, Thomas Smith Port Agency

Mayview Maersk at Malta Freeport Terminals


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