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As businesses are working on facilitating their offerings to customers, Thomas Smith Express is proud to announce the launch of its Express Courier portal, which streamlines a variety of shipping services, accessible to everyone from the comfort of the company’s website. The portal will reduce the time-consuming exercise of visiting the Thomas Smith Shipping offices in person and enhance time-efficiency.

The Express Courier portal will allow customers to request quotes for an unlimited number of product shipments, confirm bookings through the system itself, select preferred worldwide pick-up points and drop-off locations, track the shipment’s transit and get an overview of past freight jobs. The portal may be accessed through a login username and password supplied once by the Thomas Smith Express team through an online request form. These credentials will enable clients to log into the portal whenever they require.

To ensure customers familiarise themselves with the Express Courier online portal system, this article will highlight its main sections and present the steps required to make full use of its features. Specific queries can be forwarded to our team; who will provide clear indications to any concerns.


Upon visiting, hover over to the right-hand side and click on the button Express Courier. The button will re-direct to the Express Courier portal where the user will be requested to input the login details. These can be acquired by contacting our Express team. The login details can be used indefinitely in the future to gain access to the portal and the services provided. 



Shipment quotes can be inquired by selecting the “QUOTE” option on the top right-hand side of the screen. The system will allow the client to select whether the shipment is an import or an export. Further information will be requested, such as the country of origin, country of arrival and package details including the product type (document or non-document), number of items, length, width, height and weight).

The system will be prompted to showcase three different shipping options, their pricing offers and estimated delivery durations. These options include: Economy, Priority and Other Services. The Economy option offers a low-cost transit system with moderate shipping duration; whilst the Priority selection offers superior and express transit times. The Other Services option will offer clients alternative shipping solutions which meet unique requirements. This will ensure that the customer gets different pricing choices to match his/her budget. A confirmation window will present all the details included. Upon selecting Economy or Priority, the customer can proceed to finalising the booking.

express courier


The “BOOK” option will allow the user to select between an import or an export, item type (document or non-document) and proceed to include information such as product size and weight details, an option to request insurance coverage and special handling requirements.

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All addresses will be saved to the particular profile upon inputting, so they may be pre-selected during future shipment bookings. Users will be presented with the same three shipping options of Economy, Priority or Other Services; together with their respective prices and transit durations.

The user will be requested to read and agree to Thomas Smith’s Standard Trading Conditions.

Upon booking, the customer will receive a confirmation email with the House Airway Bill. The confirmed job, product details and shipping type can be edited prior to collection.


The “MY BOOKING” selection will showcase all past quote requests and booking confirmations to allow users to refer back to them or enable access to make change requests if required. Each quote and booking will show the status of the shipment; whether it is awaiting quote response, booking confirmation or delivery verification.

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The Express Courier portal will allow the user to track the location and status of the shipment through a link shared within the email sent to the customer upon booking confirmation. Alternatively, users may track their shipment status through the “Search” field at the top of the screen.

express courier

Get in touch with the Thomas Smith Express team to gain free and unlimited access to the Express Courier portal.