With a multitude of shipping services available in today’s day and age, many business owners face the puzzling decision of selecting the ideal method. Whether you’re new to the sector or a veteran user, limited knowledge can defer the choice that will suit your needs most.

Selecting the best transportation method, whether to get stock to your premises or to send products to customers, can make a whole difference which directly affects business processes, customer satisfaction and the financial bottom line.

Before even considering the most practical and cost-efficient shipping service, analyse your business processes. Take note of the items you want to ship, the budget you’re comfortable working with, the timelines you want to meet and the final business objectives. Think about your long-terms projections – don’t look at shipping as a short-term solution.

To help business owners make the right decision, our shipping experts have shared tips and industry intelligence, to explain what each service can achieve and to help you make the right choice.

Which one is it going to be?


  • Ideal shipping service for products and consignments of high value and low volume.
  • It offers a fast delivery service, compared to other conventional methods.
  • Airfreight allows for worldwide deliveries and orders.
  • Stringent airport controls reduce the possibility of material damages.
  • Warehousing expenses can be reduced because stock arrives quickly.
  • Consistent arrival times are possible due to speedy shipping.


  • Sea freight is a more economic option when shipping in bulk, which makes lower prices possible.
  • Businesses can plan stocks to order ahead and have a good supply for a long period.
  • Longer processing times are allocated for documentation to ensure all is correct.
  • There are less restrictions in terms of the size and space that cargo takes.
  • It is the most sustainable shipping method. Lower CO2 emissions are generated compared to other shipping services.


  • It is the best option for businesses ordering or sending small-scale consignments; as groupage combines small consignments from different parties together in one single container.
  • Lower costs are incurred as container space and fees are shared between different shipping customers.
  • Service available to transit to any country around the world.
  • Shippers will benefit from the expertise of a well-known shipping company who has established streamlined routes following years of experience.
  • Flexible timelines allow shippers to select their preference between groupage by sea freight or road freight.


  • Courier offers both an Express Priority and Express Economy service to suit shippers’ needs whilst saving on costs.
  • Allows consolidations of domestic deliveries and eliminates costs such as vehicle repairs, maintenance and fuel costs.
  • Delivery is available to more than 240 international countries as well as the local market.
  • Product deliveries range from documents to small parcels and larger consignments up to 300kgs per package.

Make the right choice by consulting our shipping experts who may also come up with multi modal suggestions for your logistical solutions using a combination of the above modes of transport.